Beirut Art Fair 2018

The Beirut Art Fair shines the light on Beirut’s role as one of today’s most vibrant centers of modern and contemporary creation. The yearly event helps artists place themselves on the visible scene, mostly young new talents, and highlights Lebanon’s recent history of creation.

Held at the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center in Beirut, this year’s event debuts on the 19th of September with a VIP opening, and opens for the public from the 20th until the 23rd of September.

Last year's event.
The 2018 Beirut Art Fair announcement.

Last year’s event collaborated with Western and Asian artists, all-the-while promoting and shedding light on the country’s contemporary and modern art. The event showcases a wide collection of art that is guaranteed to attract all eyes.

Although this year’s final list and program have not been released yet, based on last year’s program, we can predict that the event will display various “offerings”, each with their own style, symbol, and origin. Those offerings will be place in the heart of Beirut in various areas. The event will most probably feature short films as well, paying homage to internationally renowned and award-winning directors.

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