Elie Saab – Le Timbre by LibanPost

Elie Saab is reputed for being one of the best designers in the MENA region, if not, the world, with many of his beautiful designs being worn by famous celebrities and royal family members on key events across the globe. The designer’s accomplishments and success in the fashion industry have been recognized by Lebanon’s postal service Liban Post, with a series of stamps released in his honor, dubbed “Elie Saab – Le Timbre”.

Elie Saab and his wife with the presence of Saad Hariri and Elissa among many others.

Organized under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the event launching the stamp was held at the newly restored Beit Beirut in Sodeco, one of the country’s iconic landmarks, and was attended by several artists, members of the press, as well as regional and international celebrities and friends of the designer. The event was inaugurated by Mazen Hayek, spokesman for MBC Media Group, who highlighted Saab’s hard work and successful journey on the local, as well as the international levels. Hariri delivered a speech in which he underlined that Lebanon was proud of the renowned designer, describing him as an example to the Lebanese youth.

Reveal of the special stamp with Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Khalil Daoud.

The walls were covered with Elie Saab’s designs of wedding and celebrity dresses, all previously worn by renowned personalities. Since the launching of his brand back in the 1990s, Elie Saab expanded his network of boutiques in many fashion capitals, such as Paris, London and Manhattan. He worked hard to be where he is now, and Liban Post’s CEO, Khalil Daoud, emphasized in his speech the “talent, passion, vision, continuous work, boldness, ambition and determination of Saab since he was 18 years old”.
After receiving the plaque with the stamps engraved on it, Saab expressed his gratitude for the warm appreciation, considering the event as being a tribute to all Lebanese creators in the world, who reflect a positive image of the country.

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