Lebanese stars excelled in The Voice France

In the past couple of years a number of promising young Lebanese artists have made it to The Voice France. Marc Hatem, Hiba Tawaji, and Aline Lahoud’s outstanding singing got them on the show. Each singer’s performance in The Voice France was strong and beautifully delivered. They were all successful in their own way; each had different strengths, and particular aspects of their character, music and performance, that made them shine.

Marc Hatem, who participated in the show this year, stood out for his talent and admirable personality. His star quality and large social media following also helped him throughout.

Image Source: zmp3.xyz

Hiba Tawaji, who competed in The Voice France last year, entered the show in a different position—she was already a very well-known and successful singer in Lebanon. In her performances, she was able to draw on, and build on, her years of professional experience and her polished talent.

Image Source: aufeminin.com

The famous Aline Lahoud, who competed in 2014, impressed audiences and judges with her spectacular, passion-filled voice. She was the first to sing an Arabic song on the show,  “Khedni Maak”, a song that her mother had famously performed.

Image Source: kmihran.wordpress.com

All of them did a fantastic job on The Voice France and we hope they will continue to produce great music everywhere they perform!

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