Salon du Livre Francophone de Beyrouth 2017

For the 24th year in a row, the Institut Francais is organizing the Salon du Livre Francophone de Beyrouth at BIEL. The event starts on the 4th of November and ends on the 12th. After those of Paris in France and Montreal in Canada, this event is the third most important Salon du Livre Francophone held worldwide, being of high importance when it comes to the promotion of francophone culture and literature.

Announcement of the Salon du Livre!
Announcement of the Salon du Livre!

The Salon’s main goal is to promote the rich cultural and linguistic diversity present in Lebanon. This year, the major event will be giving homage to Samir Frangieh, a Lebanese journalist, politician, author, but humanist first and foremost; a champion of culture who notably participated in the re-dynamism of the reflection on Arab humanism.

We will witness dynamic debates and round tables with modern ideas on various diverse themes such as the “Politic of Translation”, Palestine, Syria, and the Quiet Revolution. Many awards will be given away, most notably the Young Lebanese Critics prize for “Choix des Lycéens” and the prize of “Choix Goncourt de l’Orient”.

With over 30 universities participating, the jury will be composed of students, hailing from 12 countries. This year, the event opens its doors to a new country, Ethiopia, as well as 5 universities from Iran, Jordan and Iraq, extending the breadth of the event’s family members!

For more information, check the event’s catalog:

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